Buhari Cancels Medical Trip To London, Invites Physicians To Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday changed a plan by which he
was due to return to London this weekend for another round of medical
treatment, barely two weeks after his return from a hospital there.

Instead, his doctors will be arriving on Friday to carry out further medical examination on him.

President Muhammadu Buhari

Sources at the Presidency informed flash newz that the president’s
advance party had already left Abuja earlier in the day by Ethiopian
Airlines before they were recalled to Abuja.

Our sources say the
hawks within the presidency advised against taking the president abroad
so soon after his seven weeks away, as that would begin to feed the
rumor mill all over again about his ailment.

In a short televised
address upon his return, Buhari had hinted about returning to the
hospital shortly, saying there might be a need “for further follow-up
within weeks.”  Given the askew political climate in the country,
however, his advisers felt it was unwise to allow him to stay away for
too long.

The president has traveled to London several times
since coming to power for a medical reason before traveling earlier this
year for a prolonged medical treatment.  He had also traveled there in
June 2016, reportedly consulting with an ear, nose and throat specialist
after he contracted an ear infection.

The latest developments
come as pressure is mounting on the presidency to disclose how much was
spent on his 49-day “medical vacation” in the United Kingdom, with
Nigerians saying they have a right to know.

Activists, including
well-known lawyer Femi Falana, and civil society groups such as the
Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, the Centre for
Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, and the Campaign for Democracy,
among others, argue that the medical bill is of public interest because
Buhari touted transparency and change in public affairs when he ran for
the presidency

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