About Falz (Biography)

Folarin Falana popularly known
as Falz The Bahd Guy is an
upcoming Hip-Hip recording
artiste who recently returned
to Nigeria to pursue a rap

Son of highly respected
lawyer and activist Femi
Falana, Falz was born into a
family of three children. He
attended St Leos Catholic
Primary School, Ikeja Lagos
and Olashore International
Secondary School, Osun State.
After studying law at the
University of Reading in the
United Kingdom he moved
back to Nigeria to attend law
Early Life
school and was called to bar
in February 2012.

Falz passion for music can be
traced way back to secondary
school where he met a friend
of his who writes rap lyrics
before they formed a little
group ‘The School Boys’.

Musical, Comedy and Law
After forming a little group
‘School Boys’ back in
secondary school, he joined
the choir in church and
released a mixtape in
2009 which was a compilation
of what he had been recording
just to get his name out there
and a little recognition. After
that, he released about five
funny ‘ello bae‘ skits,says he
The rapper who became an
Instagram sensation with his
is not a comedian.
According to him, “I have a
passion for film, so acting is
something I would probably do
sooner than later. I plan to
have my own TV show. I’m not
a comedian”
Falz who is still a practicing
barrister has decided to still
keep that part of him alive and
still goes to court when

Falz has gotten various brand
ambassadorship such as
Webmall, MTN and Cheki.

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