wapka Superb blog codes with thumbnail – 2017 wapka codes

Hello 9jasensers, happy new month. i know you really missed my codes. am so bussy thats why.
but today, i wanna share you guys the latest wapka bloglist codes by me. i need at least 20 comments and huge likes from u guys.
MAKE SENSE[/title]firstly, create a simple forum and note the id paste
the below codes in ur xhml/wml box in admin mode

class=”gs videos” align=”center”>POST UPDATE</div><div
class=”Av”>This Page helps YOU TO POST YOUR UPDATE WITH
THUMBNAIL.</div><br/><div class=”main_menu”><div
method=”post” action=”forum_add_113074141.xhtml”><script
document.write(‘<input type=”hidden” name=”d_token”
value=”‘+dtoken+'” />’);</script><br/>link url code
(bbcode e.g [url=][/url])<br/><input type=”text” name=”text”
style=”padding:6px”/><br/>thumbnail url<br/><input
name=”meno” type=”text”/><input type=”hidden” name=”ret_s”
value=”285″ /><br/><input type=”submit” name=”submit”
style=”padding:6px;background:darkred;color:white” value=”POST UPDATE”

note: change 285 to page to redirect to after posting. also replace 113074141 with your simple forum id

post the below codes at homepage where to show your updates

<table cellspacing=”0″ class=”gs videos” width=”100%”>
<td><b>SUPERB UPDATES</b></td>
<td class=”txt_right”><b>3045.000k</b></td>
<a id=”update” name=”update”></a><b><div
class=”greenlink”> :forumlist:f=113074141,l=20,s=1::<span
class=”post-list”><td><a href=”%name%”><img
src=”%name%” height=”60″

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