A-Reece Loyal Lyrics

A-Reece Loyal Lyrics

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Yeah,Yeah, Yeah
{Verse }
Contemplating on all my life choices
Think I got a gift of listening to all the right voices
Either the rich man nurtures your talent or he exploits it
Unfortunate sometimes the latter cannot be avoided
What do you do when all you got is a dream?
A vision
The perfect passion for it and we do anything to build it ad:s
S**t just got the realest
I can’t believe I’m in the middle of it all
I got my word, got my balls
That’s on God once it’s finished
And f**k your contract n***a
Should be ashamed you tried to call back n***a
After sitting down and showing me those false as* figures
You a foul ass n***a
Should have seen it from the beginning
And knew it’d happen
You double crossing ass n***a
These all facts n***a
Why the f**k you pulling B3nchmarQ back?
Where the f**k do our awards stay at?
How come Amanda Black aint even seen her plaque?
What the f**k is going on yo?
Let me know
I need some answers “n***a”
Look at the fans dawg, they matter
S**t doesn’t add up
Like how you subtract guap
Getting monthly pay of less than 20k
Was never in our plans
It don’t match up
PR buying cars before the artist
With our racks
It isn’t fair bra
You cannot erase us
This is what we made for
It don’t matter how many people you paid to hate us
Rest of them n****s, are just dogs on a leash
I was with them
When they had a chance to starve or to eat
Complaining every week
Saying the same s**t when we speak
Now how is it that I’m disloyal
Cause the young boy leaving
Couldn’t waste my time
On tryna define my reason
Until they realise
That it’s all a lie
And you greedy A-Reece will never die
The slums are on my side
I know you see em
Raw s**t
This song is even unmixed and mastered
Mad drop the keys on the beat
Said (k the backups)
I don’t act tough
I’m a real n***a
And it is all about the money
It’s all about the money

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