Relationship; Am Trusting God For A True Life Partner Who Will Give Me Peace Of Mind – Nigeria’s Most Hairy Lady ‘Queen Okafor’


Queen Okafor, a 28-year-old Nigerian lady from Anambra state has been called the ‘Queen of Hairs’ for obvious reasons. For a while, the issue of being positive with body hairs has become a major point of concerns for women as some ladies have shared photos expressing themselves and asking why women have to be looked at funnily because of that. Queen Okafor, a Nigerian lady who is comfortable in her skin and making waves for staying natural and positive despite the presence of hairs. The Anambra state indigene spoke exclusively with our correspondent and shared her thoughts about life. 
Check the excerpts of the interview below: 
Tell us more about yourself. I am Queen Okafor from Anambra state. I am single and live in Abuja Nigeria. I am studying Political Science at the National Open University. 
What was growing up like for you? 
My growing up was normal because I don’t have hairs this much till I was about 22 or 23. My mummy is a doctor, my dad worked in a pharmaceutical company. 

Could you tell us what prompted the growth of the hairs on your body? 
The hairs started coming out at a point when I reached 22 or 23. It is in our family; it is natural in my mummy’s side. Once you are growing and maturing it will be coming out gradually. 

At what point did you discover you were different
How did other kids feel being around you? Some people around me saw it and they were amazed. Some liked it while some wanted me to remove it. In all, it was my choice to know how to manage it.
Did you at any point in time consider it? 
I did but it is not easy. I went for waxing, it inconvenienced me. Some say I should go abroad for surgery. It is natural; the only thing I do is if it grows too much I will reduce it with scissors. That way it will not inconvenience me. 

Are you in a relationship? If yes, tell us briefly about it, if no state why.
 I used to be but we broke up, I am trusting God for a true life partner who will give me peace of mind. I don’t disclose or discuss my private life on internet. We broke up and I am praying and trusting God for a true life partner. 
Are you doing any business at the moment? 
I do many things like showbiz, I go for shows, interviews and adverts, I also buy and sell women accessories. 
Speaking of challenges, can you tell us some of the battles you have fought as an adult? 
Human beings face one or two difficulties in life. It is how you resolve it that matters, nobody is a saint; like me, if I go out people will be staring at me – that why I left Lagos. Lagos is over populated; if I go to the market or attend any event, people will gather and start taking picture. They will be staring at me while some want to know who I am. 

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