Lagos Female Corper: “Abuja Is Capital Of Lagos, Enugu Capital Of Anambra”

The funny video of a female corps member who said Enugu is the capital of Anambra state has gone viral on social media.

Instagram user identified as, @lexyflexxy, shared the video after
watching the funny interview on his television(I also watched the show
on PLANET TV last week).

The lady even said the state capital of
Lagos is Abuja.The corps member whose name is unknown was asked to name
the capital of some states during a street interview.She seemed
confident as she answered the questions but she failed the interview
woefully. I was stunned to see a corps member who graduated from
university make this error.

Now lets see, how many of you can
read the state and capital without making mistakes? The lady graduated
from ABU according to what she said at the beginning of the interview
when the planet TV presenter asked her which institution she graduated
from.I will soon post the video.

MODIFIED: Sorry, Iwas unable to download the video but you can watch it here..

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