Indian Mob Bashes Kenyan Student, Thinking She Is Nigerian – Thisday

racist mob in India is far from being cured of its insanity, as it
attacked yet another African from Kenya. The 24-year-old Kenyan woman
was dragged out of a taxi on Wednesday and bashed by the mob, which
mistook her for a Nigerian.

Coming just two days after a mob
thrashed six Nigerians and a Congolese inside Greater Noida’s Ansal
Plaza in Uttar Pradesh on Monday evening, the fresh attack has left most
Africans in the area too afraid to step out of their houses, according
to Times of India.

Maria Burendi, the Kenyan, said she left her
home in Alistonia society at 6.15am to collect an African wig and some
food from a friend at DPS Society.

On the way, she said the cab was stopped at 6.30am near the Omicorn roundabout by 10-12 men who then beat her up.
“They stopped the car and asked me to get out,” Maria told TOI over the phone.
the cabbie and I stepped out, they started slapping me saying that
Nigerians are bad. When I said that I was a Kenyan, one of the guys
asked them to stop and they relented,” she said.

“I was not
expecting this. I wanted to buy some food items but could not. Later I
thought I could collect my African hair wig from my friend’s place in
Greater Noida. It was then that the attack took place,” she said.

police later in the evening said her version was doubtful. They said
they nabbed the cab driver and when he was questioned, he denied any
such incident happened.

Greater Noida is a town just about 30 kms from the Indian capital of New Delhi.

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