These two projects will change the Niger Delta region for good

These two projects will change the Niger Delta region for good
Editor’s Note: Israel Eshenakpe Akpodoro
is President of Niger Delta Ex- Agitators, a former militant group in
the Niger Delta. In this letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, he
commended the president for two special projects, the proposed modular
refineries and the $20billion proposed industrial gas park in Ogidigben,
Delta state.
Your Excellency,
on behalf of the leadership of the National Coalition for Niger Delta
Ex-Agitators, NCNDE-A, I wish to congratulate you and fellow Niger
Deltans on the ongoing peace process in the Delta region and the
template to sustain the much needed peace in the region especially the
laudable ideals of the proposed modular refineries and the $20bn
proposed industrial gas park.

We dare
say these two gigantic projects are life changing as it is capable of
removing our youth population permanently from the streets of Nigeria
which will enable them to meaningfully contribute their quota to both
regional and national development.
proposals if achieved as planned is a road map to a new lease of life to
the good people of the Niger Delta region in terms of human and
material development.
President Muhammadu Buhari
Coalition commends you, President Muhammadu Buhari and the All
Progressives Congress (APC) in your efforts at fulfilling the party’s
campaign promises to the people in entirely novel fashion. We wish you
more power to your elbow as you lead us into a new Nigeria where the
social contract binding the leaders and the led are carefully executed
without let or hindrance.
However, it is of
note that this coalition of ex-agitators comprising prominent
Ex-militant leaders across the region has been in the forefront of
bringing lasting peace in our region and our efforts in this direction
can’t be over emphasized, right from the electioneering campaigns to the
inauguration of our president who we rolled out our machineries for his
victory at the Presidential election. Since then we have been doing
everything within our powers as a group to shore up the popularity of
this administration amongst our people.
as a group we were at the vanguard of the campaign against the
hostilities of ethnic militias who sabotage our national patrimony,
forcing them into the negotiating table with the federal government, the
result of which we are beginning to feel in the oil and gas – rich
Niger Delta region.
a group, we noticed exclusion by the federal government in the peace
process as our leadership was not invited to the negotiating table as
major stakeholders in the process of ensuring lasting peace. By this
medium we protest our exclusion because we have implicit confidence that
the federal government has what it takes to do it better.
our teaming members till date have been denied engagement by the
government we worked for as foot soldiers right from the campaign field
to inauguration and we have nothing to show for our support for the APC
led government.
These two projects will change the Niger Delta region for good

Israel Eshanekpe Akpodoro
When it was not fashionable to mention APC in the Niger Delta region, we were there with then General Buhari all the way.
the era of impunity laced with regional loyalty for the then incumbent,
the NCNDE-A defied all odds to support President Buhari and his utter
ego – Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN.
Today, the government we worked and live
for has persistently left us in the limbo as our members are left
without empowerment, no patronage of any kind as against the known norm
of rewarding loyalty and support.
We have been
abandoned by the government we helped to put in place. This government
has denied us our rightful place in the scheme of things, especially in
the area of empowering our group.
view of the above, we still have that deep seated confidence in us that
the President and his team have conscience and would deem it
appropriate to place us in the right position particularly engaging our
members favourably because we worked for their emergence.
President Buhari led federal government owes us a duty of patronage. We
need our 17,000 members to be empowered and meaningfully engaged.
we await a positive response from the administration, we wish to
appreciate the good work being done by the Acting President Yemi
Osinbajo, who has been able to responsibly fill the would – have been
vacuum created by the vacation of our amiable President.
Osinbajo has redefined loyalty, humility, respect, responsiveness,
reliability, dependability in the discharge of his duties and to
Nigerians, we are grateful.
As we humbly await
favourable response from the federal government, we wish President
Buhari a quick recovery and safe return home soon.
Thanks and God bless.

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