How Nigerian Drivers Damage Nigerian Roads With Winter Tyres

Winter tyres? In Nigeria??

I am sure you are currently battling with these questions at the moment.

some of us drive with winter tyres in Nigeria.. knowingly or
unknowingly. The problem is, these winter tyres damage our roads as they
become soft and sticky in hot weather thereby peeling the road surface
quicker. Some of them even have metal studs/spikes which cause further
damage to our roads. You would even hear the noise of the studs grinding
on the road or the tyres sticking to the ground when the cars are
driving close to you.

How many of us ever did a thorough
inspection of the tyres that came with our cars from USA, Canada and
Europe? Go check your car tyres right away.. ensure it does not have the
M+S symbol which stands for MUD & SNOW and/or the three-peaked
mountain with snowflake symbol as seen in the attached picture.

accidented cars are shipped to Nigeria and a reasonable chunk of those
accidents are caused by snow… which means those cars may have been
running on winter tyres.

By law, you are not meant to use these
tyres during summer because they are bad for hot and dry pavement. Only
summer tyres can give you the safety and performance you need in warm

With their special compounds and tread patterns, winter
tyres are designed to stay soft and flexible in cold conditions,
providing traction and grip in low temperatures on wet and icy surfaces.
But with the hot weather in Nigeria, they lose this advantage, grip
declines and the tread starts to wear faster as the tyres become soft
and sticks to the hot roads.

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