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Best way to embed youtube videos to blogger/blogspot

Guys, Here is one of major problem t:blogspot users faced

Best way to embed youtube videos to blogger/blogspot

I uploaded 3 new videos to t:Youtube today for use on my blog. I have used the t:blogger tools to insert the video, and the thumbnail shows in my editing screen. However when the page is posted, it is just a blank white space with no video.

I have tried in Mozilla Firefox 27.0.1 and Internet Explorer 11. Cookies and cache have all been cleared

Now, have gotten solution which i will like to teach you guys.

Ok, the best way to embed a YouTube video is to do the following.

1) Goto the page on youtube where the video is

2) Click the Share Link under the video

3) Then click the Embed Link, and copy that code

Best way to embed youtube videos to blogger/blogspot

4) Goto your Post in blogger that you wish to add it to and Edit the post

5) Click on the HTML

6) Now paste the code into your post where you want it to appear and click Publish/Save etc

youtube embed code sample

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Posted by on December 19, 2017.

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