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How to Disable Your Stolen smartphone

Just get the phone you want to tap and key in the
**62*YOUR PHONE NUMBER# and then send.
(You can also use **67* )
When the phone is called, it will ring and after
some seconds, the call will be diverted to your
phone. So, it is now just like a three-way
conference call. Wait till the person picks then you
can pick yours and listen to both sides of the
discussion without their awareness.
To cancel key in ##62# or ##67# . (Make sure the
two phones have enough credit)
NOTE: This method is bound to bring a lot of
problems into relationships, families and what
have you. I personally believe that if strong and
standing relationships are tested with this method,
ninety percent will crumble. So I will advice you
better forget this and let peace reign.
On the other hand, how do you know your line is
not being tapped? Yes, because your partner can
also be smart. 
Well for this reason I have decided
to give you the antidote to this method so you can
make your calls without fear.
ANTIDOTE: This method makes use of call divert.
So anytime you want to make a private call, make
a habit of always deactivating call divert by keying
in the following: ##62# or ##67#
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Posted by on October 17, 2017.

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