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Videos Auto-play feature to be Added on YouTube

YouTube – a website where you upload or share your videos, is testing a new feature on its app called “Play as you browse“, this feature will auto-play videos only on home feed.

Do not be confused, this feature is not like the existing similar feature that allows the (mobile app to play the next video after the current one ends).YouTube lovers will surely know that..

In this case, videos play without sound and you’ll see subtitles giving you an idea on what’s happening in the video.

While you see a complete video, if you scroll up or down, the playback will stop, resulting in the current video visible on screen being auto-played.

To explain in details, the feature is justsimilar to that of Facebook auto-play videos but YouTube own has subtitle. So, you will first get more details about the video before opening it. Meanwhile, you can disable the feature via Account>>Settings>>General and can be activated back when on WiFi.

There is no information on when it will be released or roll out. The feature is very nice and amazing but will swallow millions of gigabytes daily in Nigeria, what do you think?

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Posted by on October 12, 2017.

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