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Halle Berry Gets Silly on the Set of ‘Despierta America’

Halle Berry Gets Silly on the Set of 'Despierta America'
Halle Berry looks like she had a blast while making an appearance on Despierta America!
The 40-year-old actress stopped by the television show on Monday afternoon (July 24) in Miami, Fla.
During the episode, Halle played a hilarious game with host Alan Tacher, where they had to keep a balloon in the air without using their hands.
Things took a more serious turn though when Halle was discussing her upcoming movie Kidnap, about a mother on the search for her child who was taken from her.
“It was so organic for me, being a mom. I have fought for my children before for their privacy [from] paparazzi and the press so I knew what the heart of a lioness mother was all about,” Halle explained.
She added, “I connected to every single moment and I think I was connecting to the universal mother. It’s what every mother would do. And then a step further…It’s what any adult would do for a child. That’s where i finally got to at the end of the day.”

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